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The Enemies

The Enemies

The Enemies are an exciting and energetic pop/rock band from the east coast of Ireland. The Enemies released their debut EP in March 2011, which served as a taste for their self funded first album Sounds Big on the Radio on track and due for release later this year. Though the band are unsigned, The Enemies have created a name for themselves through their relentless hard work which has earned them the admiration of car giants GM who commissioned the band to record numerous tracks for their "Chevy route 66" online campaign. Follow this with the bands work on the music for Coca-Cola's 5BY20 project and their professionalism becomes very evident indeed. Their song "Sustain" was featured on Direct TV's 3D surfing documentary series "Gone Until December" in the U.S. and they've also co-written and recorded the theme tune for the 2012 animated global TV show "Max Adventures." Recently, they recorded the music for major ice-cream brand Cornetto's new global campaign, which was inspired by their own song "Dark Light." In 2011 Co- founding member of the band Colin O'Donoghue starred alongside Sir Anthony Hopkins in Warner Bros movie "The Rite." Due to his acting commitments he has had to bow out of the band and can be found swanning the seas as Captain Hook in ABC's Tv series "Once Upon A Time."

Appealing to the fans of The Script, Foo Fighters, OneRepublic and The Fray, The Enemies completed the "Austin To Boston" tour covering 11 U.S. cities including Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York and 26 shows including SXSW. Their latest track "Perfect Stranger" is first taste of their upcoming debut album.


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