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Nova Delai

Nova Delai
A&R Worldwide is pleased to announce the worldwide signing of its featured artist Nova Delai to a global deal with Sony Music Entertainment. Nova Delai and her manager Kabiru Bello have been supported by A&R Worldwide for the past year and through its efforts helped secure international interest from labels, publishers and booking agents on multiple continents.

Nova Delai has signed with Sony Music with an exclusive deal with Fantabolous Music, which is the independent label owned by Kabiru Bello to which Nova Delai was initially signed to. Nova Delai was signed by Helen McLaughlin, Head of A&R, Sony Music Sweden who heard Nova Delai’s voice and signed her instantly to the major.

Kabiru Bello stated, “I’m very happy to sign Nova Delai to the Sony Music family and have enjoyed developing her at Fantabolous Music. A&R Worldwide and its Founder Sat Bisla have been very supportive in assisting us with with Nova Delai’s success and were the first in the world to recognize the global potential of Nova Delai. They recognized her talent and reinforced the fact that Nova Delai has the potential to be a very successful artist. We are currently working on her debut album and look forward to her upcoming Sony Music release.”

Sat Bisla, President & Founder, A&R Worldwide, commented, “When Kabiru Bello first sent me and A&R Worldwide the demos from Nova Delai, I felt an instant emotional connection to her music. It reminded me of the first time I heard demos from Dido and Adele prior to them being signed – the music was raw, emotional and powerful, it was undeniable. Myself and the A&R Worldwide team have no doubt that Nova Delai will be a global success and are proud to have contributed to being a part of her early discovery and support along with her manager Kabiru Bello.”

For more information on Nova Delia, log on to http://www.novadelai.com/.


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