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Discovery & Development

The A&R Worldwide artist discovery and development team have decades of professional music and media industry experiences in both the US and international markets. A&R Worldwide is recognized as an international leader in artist discovery and development and is highly regarded by many of the most influential music industry executives around the globe.

Collectively, the A&R Worldwide team has an extensive rolodex of important relationships globally that can make a difference to an artist's future. Our team interacts continually with these industry relationships from dozens of countries to locate talent suitable for A&R Worldwides' involvement.

We do, however undertake the challenge of supporting only a small number of acts that we consider the most credible artists at any one given time. We search for acts that we think are most compelling-after listening to the music, watching the live performance, assessing the fan base, tour history, online presence, sales picture and potential brand value. We attempt to find the few acts who occupy a sweet-spot possessing the most potential with the most artistic credibility. Most important to us, though, is the strength of the songs, the team behind the artist and our passion for the music! This philosophy of focusing on quality talent has seen artists that the A&R Worldwide team has been involved with sell almost 200 million albums around the world in less than a decade.

If you submit an artist to us for consideration and we believe we can make a difference in helping the artist reach an audience, we will contact you to discuss your specific goals. Once we understand your needs, our team will create a customized "Discovery and Development" outline to move things forward.

Although every artist development strategy is unique, the various services we offer might include:

Consulting the artist and its team on various portions of their strategic game plan - from which songs to lead with, packaging, additional revenue streams, the global music industries intricacies and building their brand equity.
Extensive viral/lifestyle marketing - custom fit to the artist's needs.
Building awareness via key global broadcast media trendsetter/tastemakers and early adapters, via traditional terrestrial radio, satellite, online and mobile platforms.
Referral to the trusted members of our network of music producers, mixers and/or engineers to enhance and improve artist recordings (when needed).
Facilitating personal introductions to decision-making executives at record labels, publishing companies, managers, lawyers, booking agents, promoters, media outlets, distributors, etc., as appropriate.
Organizing talent showcases and inviting key decision-makers from the music, digital, synchronization and media industries to attend these events.
Targeting specific music placement opportunities in appropriate film/TV, advertising and videogame campaigns.
Global digital distribution to all major online digital and mobile retailers such as iTunes, Nokia, Napster, Amazon, Rhapsody, Starbucks, etc., (250+ in total).
Exposure in our weekly executive newsletter, delivered worldwide to more than 10,000 industry professionals with a vested interest in music.

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